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Interior AI Designer and Virtual Stage Maker

Virtually design and visualize dream interior spaces, experimenting with various styles and arrangements. Stage your property virtually to attract potential buyers with captivating online listings.

Photo Studio AI

Create personalized avatars that represent unique style and personality for use across social media platforms and business resume.

Product Photos AI

Boost Online Sales: Improve product images for online stores, increasing the appeal and sales potential of merchandise. Enhance the visual presentation of items are selling on classified ad platforms. Showcase products in a visually appealing way.

Upscale Image AI

Bring old or low-resolution photos to life with enhanced resolution. Upgrade images for printing and web, ensuring stunning results for photo albums or framed prints and social media.

Restore Photos AI

Restore and enhance vintage family photos, preserving the legacy of your family history. Revitalize Old Portraits: Bring back the vibrancy of old portraits, allowing you to see loved ones in a new light. Compile restored photos into a personalized time capsule of memories.

Remove Background AI

Simplified Editing: Streamline photo editing by eliminating distracting backgrounds, making your photos more focused and appealing. Easily remove backgrounds from your pictures, creating professional-looking images for personal use or social media.

Change Background AI

Personalize your images by changing background to suit your mood or location. Spice up your selfies with different backgrounds for a playful and creative touch. Experiment with various backgrounds to create artistic and visually striking photos for sharing on social media.

Face Swap AI

Create amusing and entertaining selfies by swapping faces with friends or celebrities. Craft unique and humorous greeting cards by adding your face to various scenarios. Generate engaging content for social media by swapping faces in creative and unexpected ways.


Greetings! I'm Takeshi (a.k.a. @Bootstraptor), a globetrotter, digital nomad, artist, and the brains behind 29 apps, five of which rocked the charts as bestsellers. You might recall that game-changing simplicity I brought to web design with the blocks UI – that was me.

A year ago, I ventured into the realm of AI, giving birth to ArchitectAI.app . Today, it's the go-to for giants such as:
Hampton by Hilton and Compass.com

Passion for AI Excellence: I'm fueled by a fervor for AI. After crafting stellar apps, I'm now expanding the horizon with Remixo.AI, my way of making AI tools accessible and user-friendly for all.

Embracing Simplicity: My forte is simplicity. After revolutionizing web design, Remixo.AI extends that legacy by making intricate AI processes easy and available to everyone.

Crafting Success Stories: From global apps to groundbreaking AI ventures, I specialize in building for success. Remixo.AI isn't just a platform; it's your conduit to a realm where technology and creativity converge.

Embark on the Journey: Join me on this exhilarating journey where we redefine what's possible with AI. Let's simplify, innovate, and make AI an extraordinary tool, available and accessible to all.

Step into the world of Remixo.AI – where simplicity meets innovation.

~Takeshi たけし
maker of Remixo.AI,

Frequently Asked Question

What is Remixo.AI? Remixo.AI is a cutting-edge AI platform that simplifies usage of AI tools for everyone. It empowers users to enhance their designs with a range of AI-powered features effortlessly.
What AI tools are available on Remixo.AI?Our platform offers a suite of powerful AI tools, including Photo Avatar AI, Remove BG AI, Upscale Image AI, Face Restoration AI, Interior and Virtual Stage Designer AI, Product Photos AI, Face Swap AI, and Change Background with AI. New Tools will be added every week.
Can Remixo.AI be used by Enterprises?Absolutely! We have an Enterprise version that is self-hosted, making it ideal for large companies, architectural design bureaus, real estate portals, networks, institutes, and associates. It provides extensive customization and integration options.
Is the checkout process secure?Absolutely! Our checkout process is 100% secure and handled by Paddle.com, ensuring a safe and reliable transaction.
Can I buy additional renders if needed?Yes, you can purchase additional renders beyond the included quota. Our pricing model ensures flexibility based on your usage.
Can I use Remixo.AI for commercial purposes?Absolutely! Remixo.AI is designed for commercial use. You can utilize the tools to create work for clients, for your business, charge clients.

Enterprise &

We have an Enterprise version that is Self-Hosted, making it ideal for companies. It provides extensive customization and integration options.


Remixo.AI Embed is your quick path to integrating AI features seamlessly into your site, perfect for smaller projects and early-stage endeavors. It's a perfect starting point for users who want to integrate AI-powered features effortlessly into new or existing websites.




Remixo.AI Self-Hosted is for ambitious projects, offering customization, scalability, and reduced rendering costs. Use your models or connect directly to AI API providers. It's an ideal choice for Makers seeking a powerful foundation for large SaaS ventures.




Tailored for high-traffic niches, Remixo.AI Enterprise ensures peak performance and scalability. Enterprises can leverage decreased rendering costs and private cloud storage, making it the go-to for reliability and top-tier AI capabilities at scale.




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Use on any number of websites

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Billed Annually: $1079/year
Limited Time: $839.99/year

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1000/month * 12

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